Our Story

Hi there! We're so glad you found us! Let us introduce ourselves. We are Laina, Angie and Kelly - three sisters, best friends and the owners Unapologetic Boutique, our newest adventure. 

Born and raised in Alberta, we have had the privilege of growing up on a working cattle ranch. We spent our childhoods with both of our parents and a great community. Our mother, a nurse by trade, was a stay at home mom to us, as well as part of the ranch crew. Even as small children we were part of the day to day work involved with animal husbandry and farming practices. From riding horses and moving cows, to building fences and driving tractors, we have learned how to be an effective team. 

Unapologetic Boutique was simply an idea for over a year. After Lainas son was born, her husband worked away, only home on weekends for ten long months. During this time she was raising their three small children on her own and struggling emotionally with who she wanted to be. One shining light for her was following local boutiques on Instagram and watching their stories during the long days with her babes. She felt a sense of community through their marketing, and loved seeing all the beautiful pieces of clothing.

One evening, Laina shared with Kelly that maybe someday we should open our own online boutique and create a true community for ourselves. After nearly a year of having the idea shelved, Laina realized she needed to make a change to her life and remember pieces of herself that she felt she had left behind in her journey through motherhood. She brought the idea up to Angie and Kelly, saying she wanted to give it a go, and they unanimously agreed that they were on board. With our team stacked, there was no looking back. 

We are three sisters: fierce, intelligent, strong, creative, loyal, loving and beautiful - and unapologetically so. Between us, we have three daughters who equal us in spirit. We want many things for them, but above all, we want them to chase their dreams and never, never say sorry for it.

As women, we are burdened by so many invisible weights. Clothing is a necessity of life not only for its protection from the elements, but in its ability to reflect the essence of our souls. Our pledge is to help all women find clothing that makes us feel like ourselves and allows us to remember who we are if maybe through all the evolutions that are uniquely woman, we have forgotten. We choose the clothing at our boutique with all stages and transitions of life in mind. At our core, we think clothing should be comfortable, durable and beautiful, and we will do our best to bring you outfits to love yourself in. 

Thank you for supporting us in every way you do. We can't wait to develop our Unapologetic community with you!

- Laina, Angie and Kelly